The ÈZE team are all uniquely qualified individuals, joined together through family and friendship and motivated to create and share high quality, scientifically formulated face creams and serums which harness the power of nature.

ÈZE Cosmetics began as a family business with Dr. Stacey Al-Ghawas, working together with her brother Bill Carpenter and son Khaled, utilizing their love of science to promote a high-quality line of facial moisturizers that guard the skin against environmental damage, rejuvenate and promote a youthful, healthy complexion.

Dr. Stacey, a PhD holder in Physiology/Cell Biology together with her brother Bill Carpenter with a Master’s in Environmental Biology, created ÈZE “Where Nature Meets Science and Beautiful Skin Begins” with the purpose of harnessing the power of nature using science to promote skincare health.

With 17 years’ experience as a Salon and Day Spa owner in Kuwait, Stacey is passionate about women’s health and beauty. She knows firsthand how high quality, natural ingredients, enhanced by science, help fight aging, promote hydration, encourage cell renewal, and improve health as well as increase confidence and beauty.  As a philanthropist, Stacey is the founding and first President of Soroptimist International Club Kuwait, which is also an official Kuwaiti NGO that promotes the physical and mental health and wellbeing of women and girls locally and internationally. Stacey brings a 360o approach to understanding how the body and mind, health and beauty are integrated for overall wellness.

Bill Carpenter is a world traveler who is educated in Chemistry and Environmental Biology. As an educator, his interest in chemistry started early in childhood and his passion for science and the natural world expanded to searching for natural ingredients and plant extracts that heal and nourish the mind and body. ÈZE was a perfect fit, especially since it involved working with his sister Stacey.  

Good ideas attract other like-minded individuals, and Stacey’s friend Rebecca Volz was intrigued by the ÈZE concept and enthusiastically joined the team. Rebecca brings her vast transcontinental business and health experience, and most importantly, her joie de vivre to the group.  

Muriel Alphonso is a good friend and colleague of Stacey’s from Kuwait. Muriel’s decades of corporate expertise in finance and IT ensures ÈZE’s growth. ÈZE seeks to be a good member of the world community and Muriel’s kind heart and generous spirit are reflected in her lifelong philanthropy. Muriel is a founding member and Board member of the Soroptimist International Club Kuwait as well as the past President of the Indian Women’s Association of Kuwait.

The ÈZE team strives to create luxury skincare products that promote and maintain healthy skin and to create a fresh and youthful appearance for you!